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PayThyme is coming to Windows

The preview release of PayThyme 3.2 is now available for download. This is the first release of PayThyme to run on both Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Key improvements include:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows
  • A completely new NI calculation engine, capable of handling multiple employments of a single employee at differing NI rates.
  • Improved support for using pre-printed payslips on a Laser or Inkjet printer.
  • Easier installation on Linux: packages available for Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux

Installing the PayThyme Windows preview

  • Follow the link below to download the self-extracting Windows installer.
  • Run the installer. It will install PayThyme and add a folder into the Start menu.

Getting started

  • Click on the PayThyme icon in the start menu.
  • To create a new payroll, press CTRL+INSERT. The default payroll creation password is "nativity". Then fill in the dialog that appears.
  • Alternatively, choose the ready-made Demo payroll to test out the system.
  • The main menu will appear, from which all payroll functionality is accessible.
  • Configure the payroll for your organisation by choosing System Admin, Payroll Setup; e.g. to set the period to Weekly or Monthly, or to add standard grades with default pay rates.
  • Choose Employee Screen to add employees.

Basic Usage Hints

  • Set regular adjustments (e.g. Basic Pay) in the Adjustments tab of the Employee Screen.
  • Set adjustments for just the current Period (e.g. Sick Pay, Overtime) are in the Period Input screen.  You can extend beyond the basic set of adjustments provided.
  • Once all adjustments have been entered, use CALC to calculate pay for the current period. You can make changes and corrections subsequently: just use CALC again afterwards.
  • You'll probably want to View Payslips / Print Payslips. Many other forms are available under Enquiries and Period End.
  • At the end of the period (that is, just before the following payroll run), choose Period End, Period End Update. This will finalise the figures and move on to the next period.  (The default password is "w1ld-fl00sy").
  • Use Year End Update after doing a Period End Update for the final period of the year.  (So, for a monthly payroll, after ending period 12 and moving on into period 13.  The default password is "errant-kn1ght").

Remember: This is a preview version, and may not work correctly. NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ACCEPTED FOR ANY LOSS INCURRED THROUGH THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE.

Click to go to the  download area.

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