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Jim Welch is the Business Development Executive for Clockwork Software Systems. If you have any commercial issues you would like to raise, he's the one to speak to; for instance, if you are interested in using FileThyme, our online submissions software, talk to Jim.

Jim comes from a supply chain management, manufacturing management, project leadership, business consultancy and marketing background. His career began in 1966 (actually several years earlier, helping out on Lincolnshire farms and as the local milkman's delivery boy).

First acquaintance with IT was as a pimply eighteen year old, playing Lunar Landing before Neil Armstrong youched down on the moon. Thereafter as a specifier and end-user project leader in implementing many IT systems in supply chain and manufacturing in the automotive and automotive component industries (GKN, Reliant*, Rolls Royce, Lotus).

After a brief interregnum as a business consultant, Jim became marketing manager for a UK 4GL developer, leaving to do his own thing as a business consultant after ten years.  During much of this period he was also a director of FAST (Federation Against Software Theft).

Much of Jim's work as a consultant was with Clockwork and after a year, he was asked to join the company, doing so in March 2004. Time marches on. There's even talk of returning to the moon.

*Don't laugh. When Jim was at Reliant they were building around 500 vehicles a week themselves, and exporting KD kits around the world. The Anadol, which established the Turkish automotive industry was Reliant's baby.

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